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hawthorn plant journey

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Each plant has a pattern of healing to share. Hawthorn speaks from the heart.

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We're journeying with hawthorn through two essays, a powerfu probiotic recipe and a bonus opportunity.

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Hi, my name is Asia and I'm a rootworker and writer in Colorado. I'm so excited to weave you into my beloved realtionship with Hawthorn.

These orignal works were produced on Patreon with the loving finacial support of my community. I have made them free to you. If you are moved by these works, I will ask for you too to become a patron and uplift my healing arts. There will also be an oppurtunity for you to deepen your practive with a video course on hawthorn at the end. Enjoy, and thank you.

Asia Dorsey

hawthorn awaits.

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